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Mento-Neem Ointment

Mento-Neem ointment contains 6 ingredients that all contribute in giving the ointment its special qualities. Mento-Neem ointment has proven to be effective in protecting dry and irritated skin and for general skin care.


50g Mento-Neem Ointment: Price 21.50



Mento-Neem Cream

Mento-Neem cream has the same qualities as our ointment, but is prepared as a cream base. This gives a lighter feel to Mento-Neem as it is quickly absorbed into the skin, nourishing and protecting just like our ointment.

We recommend use of the cream for less irritated skin and as a supplement to our ointment.

50g Mento-Neem Cream: Price 21.50



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